RAYZ is a new and exciting dance duo with an eccentric sound. The project was established by two musicians from Japan; DJ SEIGO and L.

DJ SEIGO, an internationally recognised DJ, has performed in many countries including the USA, Singapore, Vietnam, Malaysia and the Philippines as well as Japan. He also appeared at one of the fastest growing global festivals, Electric Daisy Carnival (EDC Mexico) in 2018. His passion toward dance music is undeniable, but in this duo he has built on one of his earliest music inspirations; rock.

The other half of this duo is simply known as L, an admired guitarist in the Japanese rock scene. He has performed in rock bands for years all over Japan. Through his side work in music production he discovered underground European dance music and became intrigued. This led him to pursue dance music as a guitarist.

DJ SEIGO and L share similar music inspirations including QUEEN, Guns N’ Roses and X-JAPAN; the biggest rock band in Japan. It didn’t take long for them to start exploring their own sound soon after they met.

RAYZ’s sound is inspired by drum n’ bass dance style music and EDM with exciting, emotional glam-rock, leading to performances that are both energetic and passionate, with a touch of Japanese craziness.

The dance duo, formed merely a year ago has already performed overseas, receiving huge acclaim. RAYZ is ready to rock global dance music.